Winter wonderland- the engagement session!

*Sigh*  Tax season is finally over for me.  🙂  The blog must go on!  Obviously, these images are a little bit old (we don’t have that much snow these days!)  However, I can’t resist sharing!  Kina and Matt were sooo cute, despite freezing their booties off!  To set the scene, this particular weekend there was a high of 23 degrees…. but… with the windchill factor, it was only somewhere around 11.  Eleven!  Brrrrr! We were scheduled to drive up to Adrian, Michigan to shoot the couple at their home and around their town.  We briefly discussed rescheduling, but Kina wanted to brave it.  I’m up for anything, so Brian and I put on our snowsuits and grabbed the cameras!  (Oh, and, and I had just gotten my brand new camera, so I was stoked!)

We started the shoot at their home, which I don’t typically do, but I’m glad we did.  The home was beautiful, and we got a bunch of adorable images.  Here are a few at their home:


Once we got rolling, we hopped into the car and went to shoot at a park in Adrian.  There were a few bridges, a creek, and a lot of really large trees!  This park is known for it’s paved trails, but they sure don’t plow the snow from them!  We all walked (or tried to walk!) through the deep snow to get to all the good spots.  It was so funny watching Kina and Matt play in the snow.  They were such good sports!


Little did we know that we’d need to be good sports, too…. Shortly after this photo, Brian was trying to get a “fun” angle and fell right through the thin layer of ice on the creek.  I couldn’t see him, but here’s the couple, getting a kick out of Brian’s misfortune!  😉


Once we got over the initial shock of Brian getting wet, we were able to capture this shot, which represents the couple’s theme- double two’s.


Here are a few more from around the park.  I love the photo of Kina and Matt going for a K-I-S-S under the tree!



I’ll close this entry with another of my favorites.   This was taken somewhere around the downtown area, against this crazy wall that I spotted from blocks away!  I love the color combos and the brightness of it all.  Somehow the cheeriness made it seem not quite so cold!  Kina and Matt, we had such a great time getting to know you better!  We can’t wait to photograph your wedding on August 22nd!


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