Wauseon Photographer {Newborn Photos of baby Bowen}

Who: Baby Bowen Jacob

What:  Newborn Photography Session

Where:  Ashley Short Photography Studio, NW Ohio.

When: One week new

How:  With lots and lots of love and patience

Why:  Because from Day One, to Week One, they’ve already changed.  Documenting this amazing moment in a new life is not only important to help you remember this fast-moving, sleepy time… but also because someday your baby is going to want to know who their baby looks like and these will be the photos they pull out to show everyone.

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She loves her baby brother!

Photographer’s notes:   I know, I know, I skipped the birth story and birth photography and went straight to the newborn.  I’ll get there, I just like to make sure that the new momma has had a chance to tell her birth story before I get to share my version.  Of course, if you really want to see some sneaks, you can search out the slideshow, titled, “The Home Water Birth of Bowen.”)   😉  (But I promise I’ll share more here later on.)


This little guy gave me a run for my money and I got to see him two days in a row!   The day we originally scheduled his newborn session on, he ended up taking his first little road trip to get tongue/lip tie revisions.  We were lucky that the new momma had known what she was looking for and caught it early, but the timing ended up pretty rough with the scheduled newborn photos.  That meant a total of six hours in the car, plus the procedure… all before the session time.  Momma chose to keep both appointments and we gave it a shot.  I learned a lot about tie revisions, and who would have thought they would affect newborn portraits so much!  As it turns out, ties cause tension that make the baby keep their hands in strong fits, and hold tension in their necks and arms.  It’s common for them to sleep with their arms up by their heads, to relieve some of that tension.  After the tie revisions, their mouth feels a bit like they have been chewing gum, and it was a bit different to see the little guy pulling his tongue in and out of his mouth, like he wasn’t quite sure what was going on!  As you can guess, in a baby session where all the details make it or break it, along with a perfectly sleeping baby, we ended up with quite a challenge on our hands!  The poor guy really just wanted to be held and he woke up every time we tried to touch his hands.

Newborn baby and mother portrait, wauseon newborn photographer, newborn photos, archbold photographer, wauseon photographer

Mommy and baby…

We took all the family photos, including some really adorable kids photos of “Brother and Sister”, and then we decided to try again the next day after baby had gotten some rest.   The next day, he was a totally different baby!  Once we got him to sleep, he let me move him as needed.   It was still quite interesting to see him fight to loosen up his fists, and we were occasionally able to get him to relax his fingers long enough to get a photograph.   It’s been really interesting to watch him go through this progress, and he’s now breastfeeding and gaining weight like a champ!  (6 month clothes at 6 weeks old!  Wow!  See, I wasn’t kidding when I said they grew fast!)

baby toes and daddy

Seriously, those toes. I love the juxtaposition by Daddy’s strong hands. Some day, this little guy will grow up to be a Daddy, too…

newborn photo session, wauseon photographer

We planned gray and black theme photos, for the new Daddy.

newborn photo session, wauseon photographer, archbold newborn photography

Baby Bowen was born with his legs chilling out way up by his chest, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he acted really comfortable in this position!



For all of your Motherhood Photography needs, please call Ashley at 419.231.1174.  Ashley Short Photography serves all of the Northwest Ohio area, and beyond.


newborn photo session, wauseon photographer, archbold newborn photography

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  • Welcome to the world little Bowen! You did a fantastic job with this newborn photography session despite the little man’s discomfort. Thank goodness his momma was able to spot that tongue issue right away and get him fixed up.ReplyCancel

    • ash.short@yahoo.com

      Thanks, Melanie! Yes, he’s doing great now!ReplyCancel

  • How patient you are to see this little guy twice to get the portraits you wanted! It can be so hard to work with any newborn, but when big circumstances come in–such as his tie procedure–it can be so much more difficult! Your patience and willingness to work with that shows you are a true professional. And as a newborn photographer, you have some new information to share with parents and help your future clients too!ReplyCancel

    • ash.short@yahoo.com

      Well, thank you, Christine. I actually felt terrible that I wasn’t able to get everything the first visit, but I know it wasn’t my fault. He came back the next day as a totally new baby! I’m glad we could all work together to capture this time for them. It goes so fast!ReplyCancel

  • Awww poor little guy having a rough first couple days of life. But that sibling and newborn photo is just perfect and I bet mom is beyond thrilled! I’m sure it was hard work but your patience as a Wauseon newborn photographer paid off and you have captured some beautiful images for this family.ReplyCancel

    • ash.short@yahoo.com

      Thank you, Allison! Yes, I think this family makes the cutest kids…. they should have a few more! lol!ReplyCancel

  • Wow you are an amazing Wauseon Photographer. I love the photo of big sister with Baby Bowen. So sweet.ReplyCancel

    • ash.short@yahoo.com

      Thank you, Jenny! That’s the one they got as wall art!ReplyCancel

  • Awww! Such precious moments of a sweet newborn baby boy. He is SO cute and your newborn photos of him are adorable and beautiful. That first shot of mama and baby is breathtaking. Wonderful job!ReplyCancel

    • ash.short@yahoo.com

      Thank you so much, Jentry! I think this new momma is stunning anyway, so seeing her in the newborn photos… well, I think they make beautiful photos! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • I had no idea that when newborns are tongue tied it can affect things like tension in their hands! It’s amazing how things are connected sometimes. I think it’s really awesome you broke up the newborn session, sometimes it’s just best for everyone involved and you got beautiful photos that these parents will love!ReplyCancel

    • ash.short@yahoo.com

      I didn’t know either, Brenden! I guess you learn something new every day! The funny thing is, my first baby had tongue ties and I never knew it until much later. So much could have been different during that newborn stage, but no regrets. 🙂 We did the best we could.ReplyCancel

  • You are so right, Ashley! These are the newborn photos that mom and dad will continually pull out to refer back to throughout Bowen’s lifetime and are too precious of a memento to not invest in while parents have the chance. Newborn Photography is successful in such a small window of time, and for good reason. They change so fast! Ohio families like this one are lucky to have such a talented Wauseon Photographer to be able to document this fleeting time!ReplyCancel

    • ash.short@yahoo.com

      Aw, thank you, Jennifer! You should see this little baby boy now… he’s only a few weeks older, but already NOT a newborn! We compared him to the size of a 6 month old baby, and they were the same size. It’s so cute!ReplyCancel

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