Trip home…

Father’s Day weekend led us to another trip back home to Wapakoneta. For those of you that have visited us at our home, you know we live in a tiny town. Not only that, but we live around pretty much nothing else, for a long, long time. This could make for an interesting (or boring!) drive. On this particular day, I had just gotten my brand new lens, aka, “my new baby.” I decided to take it with me for the weekend, in case any good shots came up along the way. Just as I’d hoped, the perfect opportunity arose. The sun was setting, the light was gorgeous, and we were getting close to this little run down house I’d always thought looked like it belongs in an old photograph. Of course, I made Brian stop the car and pull over so that I could let out the photographer in me! By this time, the sun was setting quickly and when we left, I was afraid I hadn’t gotten much. I was satisfied, though, because I’d always wanted to shoot that house on the little hill! I’ve passed it for years… all the time that Brian and I dated… this was the scene on the way to visit him. I’m so glad I finally got the chance to capture that memory.Β  Here it is:


This last image is an ant that Brian photographed while testing the limits of our new lens. Overall, it was a nice weekend!


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