Toledo Breastfeeding Photographer, documenting the Motherhood years. {World Breastfeeding Week 2015}

World Breastfeeding Week 2015 is being celebrated in Toledo, Ohio!   As a passionate mother and Breastfeeding Photographer, I was so excited to get this group together to honor their journeys and normalize breastfeeding.    We had so many women who were unable to make it to get their photo taken that day (despite planning on it) and we had many others out there who later told me “I wish I would have known about this!”   The attitudes surrounding the photo and the event have been nothing but amazing and I’m so proud of all of these women.   The thing is, these are real moms.   Most of them have never met.  Most of them have insecurities.  A lot of these moms have been publicly harassed for breastfeeding their babies in public, either covered or other otherwise.   They still continue to nourish and comfort their babies.   Many of these moms have been told by their family or friends that they need to wean their child, go to another room, or feed the baby a bottle.   These moms aren’t breastfeeding so that they can show off their breasts- they’re breastfeeding because it’s right for their babies.

breastfeeding photography by Ashley Short Photography in NW Ohio, group of women breastfeeding their babies while standing in water

Toledo Ohio Breastfeeding mothers unite for a group photo.

So maybe you’re wondering why some of these women aren’t wearing a shirt?  Why are they showing more skin than they need to, to feed their child?  Well, we have lots of reasons, I’m just going to touch on a few from my perspective.   The most important one is that our culture has largely deemed our breasts as sexual.   Showing skin in a “sexy” way is completely tolerated in our society, so much so that we don’t even recognize it when we see it.  Naked women advertise for body lotion, razor blades, and often bikini-clad models are used in advertisements that have nothing to do with the product they are selling, but it seems to sell.   And yet, nobody blinks an eye.   We are so used to a woman’s body being a sex object that when we glorify it for anything else,  THAT is when society goes “whoa…. now, why is she showing so much skin?”   WHAT?   How did we get so backwards?    It’s my belief that God created our bodies for this very beautiful thing- there are even paintings of Mary breastfeeding Jesus- and yet our society is repulsed at the idea.    I love when my job allows my to glorify God’s miracles, despite the opinions of many.

breastfeeding photography by Ashley Short Photography in NW Ohio

Bonding through breastfeeding is such a blessing.  Having the photographs to look back on this time is such a blessing.


These women are mothers, just like most of you reading this.  They took the chance at showing more skin in a way that society sometimes tells them is disgusting and inappropriate.   They aren’t models who have completely toned bodies, photoshopped to perfection.  They are brave souls who want to pave the way for their daughters.  They dream of a day when future mommas can eat their meal in a restaurant at the same time as their baby and be told, “Keep up the good work, momma, your child needs you!”   If you’re one of the  mommas in these photos, I want you to know you’re amazing.   You’re strong and courageous.   You’re beautiful.   Thank you for inviting me into your motherhood years, thank you for your trust.   Keep up the good work, Momma, your child needs you!


breastfeeding photography by Ashley Short Photography in NW Ohio

We wanted to make sure that everyone felt included, whether they exclusively breastfeed, pump full time, use an SNS, or so on.  Children ranged in ages from a few weeks, to Full Term nurslings.


If you are a breastfeeding mom and would like to document your journey, please call us today to schedule your free pre-consultation.  We can be reached at 419-231-1174.   Custom breastfeeding photography sessions are available  in the Northwest Ohio and Southwest Michigan areas.   Also serving areas in and around Toledo, Perrysburg, Sylvania, Maumee, Holland, Delta, Swanton, Wauseon, Archbold, Bryan, Napoleon,  Defiance, and Fort Wayne.

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  • What a beautiful shot of all these mamas! I just love how you captured such a precious time and captured such a powerful movement showing that breastfeeding in the best and natural way to provide nourishment for our babies! Toledo mommies you all did a great job and so did the photographer! Love the location as well! Amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Lambert Godwin

    Beautiful write up. I will cherish this, along with all of the other moments you have captured for me, forever. Thank you Ashley bReplyCancel


      Thank you, Sarah. That means so much to me, you don’t even know. <3ReplyCancel

  • Betsy Harloff

    Beautiful. That is what breasts were made for!!!ReplyCancel

  • Connie Mintz

    Gorgeous! I love how the shoot was stylized in Toledo. This is a beautiful way to represent world breastfeeding week.ReplyCancel

  • This blog post is right on! I am a former LLL leader who nursed all three of my children for what most consider extended periods of time. I have had complaints made and family tell me I should wean for various reasons. We also had several experiences related to health where it became obvious that breastfeeding saved us. I love that you are talking about breastfeeding and sex in society, and that you use your talent as a photographer to capture this precious time for mothers and babies. It looks like Ohio moms know how to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week properly, and you documented that beautifully!ReplyCancel


      Way to go, Christine! We don’t really have an active LLL in Archbold, although I’m sure Toledo does. I know it’s a great organization! We really have to just ban together and support each other, so I was very happy to see the ladies support each other like this!ReplyCancel

  • Samantha Eckhaus

    What a beautiful way to bring mommies together to celebrate World Breastfeeding week! I love that each mommy is beautifully captured against the peeking sun coming in through the trees. What a fun session to bring them all together 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Doru

    These images of motherhood photography are very interesting. You make such great Breastfeeding Photographer for Toledo area. Love the look on your photos!ReplyCancel

  • Beautiful breath feeding photography with beautiful mamas! And your writing is adding more meanings to the photos! Great job!ReplyCancel

  • I don’t know, when did breastfeeding photography get popular? WHy was it not when I had nursing babies??? Do women know how fab this is I wonder? Do get a chance to capture this amazing time, women listen to me, do it now! One day you will have a 10 year old who even doesn’t want a hug! these photos will be amazing in the feature!ReplyCancel

  • Beautiful breastfeeding images! These motherhood photographs have amazing light! Perfect post for world breastfeeding week.ReplyCancel

  • All those gorgeous mammas together with one amazing breastfeeding photographer, you get the best result: Awesomeness! All the pics are great! Thanks for contributing to World Breastfeeding Week. Check out our site our community is growing and we are looking for amazing photographer to pledge to our cause and help our project reach new horizons! 😉 maybe it might interest you! 😉ReplyCancel


      Thanks, Alexia! I will check it out! <3ReplyCancel

  • I love the idea of getting together a group of moms for a photo shoot like this! LOVE that they’re in all white so they all match while still clearly being themselves. Great idea to really show your support for World Breastfeeding Week.ReplyCancel

  • Leslie Forte

    What a great effore and message! Northwest Ohio Photographers should all do this next year to support fellow moms!ReplyCancel

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