Our life in Archbold

So, as I said, we’ve been crazy-busy around here, which is what I’m blaming my bad blogging on!  😛  Since I’m trying to do better, I thought you might like to know what we’ve been up to.  So, hopefully this post will be a sneak peak into what’s been exciting in our lives the past few months!

Brian and I finally moved from the tiny town of “Stryker” to a town that’s a just a bit bigger, Archbold.  They’re only about 10 minutes away from each other in Northwest Ohio, but moving that 10 minutes made all the difference.  (Yes, we finally have a town with fast food!  And a grocery store!!  Woo-hoo!)  Our new home is in the historic downtown area, and believe it or not,  this big house is 109 years old!!  It’s a lot of fun to enjoy a lot of the original things in the home, such as the beautiful woodwork.   I especially love the old antique doorknobs through most of the inside of the house.  You just don’t see art in the little everyday things like this anymore, you know?


However, moving into an old house has it’s pros and it’s cons!   The photo above is of the doorknob to the upstairs of the house, where all the bedrooms are.  However, keeping in mind that the house was built in 1900, our queen-size mattress didn’t fit through the staircase!  No problem, though!  Stan and Sue (Brian’s aunt and uncle that we rent from) have done this enough times that they happily helped us on moving day.  (Along with both Brian’s family and my family- thank you all!)  If you’ve never seen a mattress going through a second story window, it is actually quite entertaining.


If you’re wondering, yes, they did have to take out the entire window!  Crazy, huh?   Anyway, the house has been a pleasure, but I believe one of the best things about moving was that we were finally able to have a family pet!  Since it was quite cold outside, I knew I wouldn’t want to potty-train a puppy, so when my grandma called me about this poor little stray kitten, we knew it was meant to be!  Poor Brian never knew he’d love a pet so much, but he does!  (yeah, I think he’ll admit it!)    He even got to name her a Spanish name, Nena, which means “baby girl” or “little girl.”  Yes… spoiled.  😉  Here she is a few weeks after we brought her to our (and her) new home:


All in all, we’re very happy with the changes that have taken place this winter.  The house provides plenty of fantastic space to live and work.  (With room to spare!)  We’re excited to see what kinds of changes will be taking place within the next several months!

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