Northwest Ohio Photographer {Full Service Photography Studio: We’re Rebranding!}

In over 12 years as a professional photographer in Northwest Ohio,  I’ve seen a lot of things come and go.  Photography studios used to be all pretty similar, with a similar process from shooting the session to proofing and purchasing prints.   Those days are GONE!   Every photographer does things differently now and every client has different needs.  It’s so amazing what our options are, even around Northwest Ohio!

Print and USB packaging from Ashley Short Photography in NW Ohio.  Organic and feminine style.

Custom portrait photography in a beautiful keepsake box.

USB packaging with lavender and lace by Ashley Short Photography in Northwest Ohio.  Feminine and organic style.

USB packaging with lavender and lace by Ashley Short Photography.  Feminine and organic.


In the last few years, I’ve used this time to have children and mostly “be a mommy.”   As my babies are starting to need me less and less, I’m returning to my roots and wearing my “Professional Photographer” hat a little bit more.   In doing so, I’ve come to see just how much the market has changed!    I’ve lost a lot of potential clients because my business wasn’t set up to meet their needs, primarily digital files.   After much soul searching, researching, studying, number crunching, and more education, I am so excited to announce that we are rebranding in a way that we hope to excite everyone!   We want to meet your needs and give you an amazing experience along the way. If we aren’t able to do that, we want to know what we can do to make improvements along the way.

Starting even before your session, we want to work with you to help custom design images that will not only capture this moment in time, but also add gorgeous design elements to your home.   We are now doing pre-consultations to discuss where you might be displaying your wall portraits, what that room looks like, and how the image can work with your decor- all this, before the session has taken place!   We’re going to plan together to create artwork that fits your life, your home, and your family.    This may sound overwhelming, but don’t worry!  After your portrait session, we’ll get together for a Purchasing Session and you’ll be able to touch and feel the high quality of the boutique photography products that we have to offer.   This hands on experience will make it easier for you to make your decision and you can see right then how your images look on printed photos!

Print packaging with lavender and lace from Ashley Short Photography in Northwest Ohio.  Organic and natural.

Your Purchasing Session will allow you to explore your images, at your own speed. 

Because we know that this is the digital age, we’re now offering digital files via a gorgeous USB drive!  This is all part of our custom collections, where you are able to choose which items go into the collection to get a collection that is just what you want- no more, no less.  We truly believe that this new system is going to be a win-win for our portrait clients who are traditional, as well as those who are more tech-savy.

Print packaging with lavender and lace from Ashley Short Photography in Northwest Ohio.  Organic and natural.

Our custom USB’s have a magnetic closure.  Their beauty and functionality merge seamlessly. 

As you’re going through this journey with us, you might notice our new “Ashley Short Photography” logo.   I want to touch on this because this particular logo is special to me.   While rebranding, I really looked inside myself a lot and I wanted to make sure that my business represented who I am.  How can a logo do that?  I started by hiring a graphic designer and telling them, “Oh, I want something Earthy and Organic, Natural.  I want something feminine, but not girly.”   I thought these things were what a graphic designer might look for, but either I was wrong, or I didn’t have a great designer.  😉   I did a lot of searching within myself just to discover that much info!  I found myself looking deeper, and my husband along my side.   If you have never done this, maybe you don’t have a business and don’t need to, I would still suggest doing this as a practice of some sort.   Looking inside and seeing how to represent yourself on the outside is really challenging and also very rewarding.   I realize, as this logo is complete, that maybe you don’t know much about me from it.  However, it’s a logo that is rich to me.  The lavender comes from a farm that we took our beautiful family portraits at with a very dear photographer friend.   Lavender has deep personal significance to me and has always been entwined through my pregnancy and birth of my son.  It’s a part of my heart, and it now belongs in the middle of my logo.   I hope you enjoy it’s simplicity and beauty.

Print packaging with lavender and lace from Ashley Short Photography in Northwest Ohio. Organic and feminine.

The new branding for our full service photography studio!

Print packaging with lavender and lace from Ashley Short Photography in Northwest Ohio

Print packaging with lavender and lace, plus a little something extra for my amazing clients!


If you would enjoy the benefits of a full service photography studio in Northwest Ohio, please call Ashley Short Photography to schedule your free pre-consultation today.   419-231-1174!



Ashley Short Photography serves all of NW Ohio, SW Michigan, and the Ft. Wayne area.   Wauseon, Bryan, Archbold, Fayette, Defiance, Napoleon, Toledo and the surrounding areas are included in our service area.


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  • LOVE YOUR BRANDING!!! Rebranding is such a journey. Your boutique packaging is lovely.ReplyCancel

  • What a beautiful photography package for all of your newborn and baby sessions! I love that you include prints for your families to frame and cherish!ReplyCancel


      Thanks, Samantha! We do this for all of our portrait sessions now!ReplyCancel

  • Ok seriously all of your products that you are offering your clients are beyond gorgeous!
    I’m in Toronto and want to drive down to you in Ohio or Michigan or where ever just for these!

    Very special and very beautiful!ReplyCancel


      Aw, thank you, Effie! I’d love to have you! Our portrait studio is in Archbold, Ohio and we’re in the NW corner of Ohio- very close to both Indiana and Michigan. Actually, we’re probably only a few hours from you! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Doru

    Great branding! Love the wooden boxex and the boutique packaging.ReplyCancel


      Thank you! We looked high and low for those custom photo boxes!ReplyCancel

  • Wow! You have been very thoughtful about your rebranding process, and your products are just as beautiful as your photography! Your Ohio clients can be certain they will get nothing but the best from their portrait sessions!ReplyCancel


      Thank you, Christine! It was a pretty intense process to discover what I wanted my studio branding to be like, but it was good to get to know myself better, too.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Miller

    Love your new stuff, rebranding definitley looks good on you! I can only imagine how excited your new clients are going to be with all these amazing package ideas! Best of luck, this is really going to drawl some attention!!ReplyCancel

  • I am in love with your logo! It’s so awesome that you put so much thought in to it. Your logo is representative of you and your business. I am also envious of your packaging! It’s gorgeous. Everything fits together so nicely!ReplyCancel


      Thank you! 🙂 You can do it, just look within yourself!ReplyCancel

  • I love seeing prints, I strongly believe that every picture taken should be printed and kept in an album or hung in a wall! Great package for your lovely clients!ReplyCancel


      I believe photos should be printed, too! This is the first time I’ve gone the route of selling digital files and I wouldn’t be doing it if it didn’t come with the printed products! Files can go corrupt, but those prints will be heirlooms!ReplyCancel

  • Love the look of your final product. your clients must love those usb drives!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Morgan

    Love your rebranding for your photography business.. Your clients are going to love the products and service you offer. Lovely work! I’m not to far away from you I live in KY.ReplyCancel

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