My challenge.

I started this session as a personal challenge.  The previous owners of our home were avid gardeners.   That means that we are now blessed with gorgeous flowers, all around our house, pretty much from spring until fall.  There’s always something!  As much as I enjoy this, it also drives me crazy every single year.  Most of the flowers are right up against the house, so it doesn’t make for a great portrait photo op.  So, this year, I challenged myself.  I wanted to do a session that would allow me to soak up some of that beauty and not make it obvious that they are right up against the house and/or along my driveway!   I invited Heather and her nursling over for some Breastfeeding portraits, mostly because I don’t get to do those often enough and I LOVE capturing that sacred time.  I feel like it goes really well with the “mother nature” and “growing new things” beauty of Spring.

Yep, this portrait was taken in my front yard.

Yep, this portrait was taken right by my driveway.

I started with my favorite location, this old Apple tree.  It, along with most others in my yard, is in full bloom right now and it’s so “promising” looking.  I take my own children’s portraits here several times a year, so I knew that even if I didn’t get much out of the other location challenges, I’d have a beautiful portrait for her to hang on her wall.

This tree has been the subject of everything from Engagement sessions to newborns!  You

This tree has been the subject of everything from Engagement sessions to newborns! You’d never know I have neighbors!

I have to say I had a lot of fun finding the new portrait “corners” around my home.  The funny thing was, I knew I could make it work.  I wasn’t surprised at my results.  But I was surprised at what I found…..

This little guy is going to be a heart breaker!

This little guy is going to be a heart breaker!

I found this amazing momma, who barely  needed guidance to look this amazing.  She was so calm and “at one” with her little nursling, they just seemed to melt together and I found myself not wanting to pose them in any way.  (I did a few things here and there, but nothing major.)   I didn’t even want to talk to them much because of the way her baby was just entranced with his momma’s face.

Best bonding, ever.  See the "lock-eye gaze"?  Love!

Best bonding, ever. See the “lock-eye gaze”? Love!

He lovingly tugged on her curls, just like I’ve seen my own babies do to me.   I admit, that sometimes, I get really annoyed at those “tugs”, but today, I’m just so happy that I had the chance to photograph them for this momma.   Because, I know that all too soon, they won’t be pulling my hair anymore.

See my Lilacs?  They smell as nice as they look!

See my Lilacs? They smell as nice as they look!

They won’t be sitting in my arms, gazing into my eyes, or needing me for every little thing.  And, while their independence simply means that I’ve done my job well, it’s a big change.  Just like the blooms on these trees.

Looks kinda like a park, don

Looks kinda like they’re at a park, don’t you think?

So now you’re asking (or did you forget), “what did you find?”  I found LOVE.  Tons of it.  And, years down the road, when this little one isn’t so little, his momma is going to have these moments, captured proof of how she felt about him.  Nothing can replace that.  Heather, thank you for coming to me and allowing me to capture these moments!

One more, a simple and pure one:

Beautiful. Do you see those eyes?  Those are not a product of my editing skills!

Beautiful. Do you see those eyes? Those are not a product of my editing skills!

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  • Oh my goodness, what precious memories for this mama and her sweet baby! Breastfeeding is such a special bonding time, and you have managed to photograph such beautiful moments that this family will surely treasure. I absolutely adore the close up of the baby gazing into the mama’s eyes- SO sweet! This whole session was so tastefully done, nursing photography at its finest 🙂 Also, way to go setting your own personal photo challenge. The flowers in your yard up in Toledo, OH are absolutely gorgeous!ReplyCancel

    • Thank you! I’m a breastfeeding mama myself, so I make sure that I seek out a Professional Breastfeeding Photographer and get my photos taken with my nurslings while I can. The breastfeeding photos are some of my my cherished images of me and my kids, so I feel so blessed to provide nursing photos to moms in the Toledo, Ohio/ Northwest Ohio area!ReplyCancel

  • I love how you showcased the beautiful breastfeeding relationship between mom and baby in these photos. They are wonderful!ReplyCancel

  • What amazing moments you have captured!! I love to see a beautiful moment such as nursing which is so intimate to be captured so tastefully and treasured forever through photography. Toledo, OH is beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • What beautiful nursing mama portraits you captured. Moments to remember.ReplyCancel

  • What a beautiful session showing the love and connection between mother and child- you did such a great job photographing them in the beautiful blossoms. I bet this Toledo OH family are so thrilled to have photos like this of this fleeting moment in time. Well doneReplyCancel

  • I’ve always thought that breastfeeding in public was weird, and that even though it’s a sentimental and emotional bonding between mom and baby, it was meant to be done in private. This lovely photoshoot may have changed my outlook. You captured this pair lovingly and tastefully, making it a true bonding experience, and something I would even consider to show off to the world. I also like how you told the story through these lovely images. Ironically, my favourite image is the one where Mom&Baby locked eyes.ReplyCancel

    • I know a lot of people think it’s weird, but I’d like to think that through work like this, we can show how beautiful breastfeeding (and breastfeeding photography!) can be. 🙂ReplyCancel

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