Mandy & Trevor

Mandy and Trevor first met with us over a year ago. We had so much fun that day (not to mention the engagement portrait session), we just knew they were a couple we’d love sharing their day with! Unfortunately, Brian was a groomsman in his cousin’s wedding and was unable to make it. I can’t tell you how many times he told me he was disappointed that he couldn’t be there! But, obviously, life goes on! And so did their wedding! Even though Brian wasn’t there, I still had fun with this beautiful couple, on their exciting day!

Before we got started with the girls’ formals, there was a fire truck and Life Flight in the church’s parking lot. We aren’t sure what happened, but were told everything was ok. Ironically, the bride’s dad happened to be a firefighter, so it worked out perfectly that the truck was there… just in time for portraits! So, something potentially scary ended up being quite a blessing, as we got some truly unique images of Mandy and her dad, as well as with the girls. I’m not really sure… but.. if I had to guess, I’d say that opportunity won’t come around at too many weddings!!

After the ceremony, I followed them to the local bar, where they got down and dirty and the party got started! We also got to stop off at a park by the river, for a fun chance to take some fun photographs. It was kind of funny, though, because a lot of storms had just gone through, so trees were down everywhere! Oh, and while I was following their party bus to the park, I got mooned by a bunch of groomsmen!! Good thing I couldn’t see through their windows, huh? (Joke’s on you, boys!)

Mandy and Trevor, you guys are such a fun couple! I hope all goes well with your move to Las Vegas! Here are some images to help you imagine their day:


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