Havin’ a good time…

The other day, Tara and Josh drove up from Lima for their engagement portrait session. We started out doing some “typical” studio shots, just to get them used to being photographed. I know from experience that most men hate having their portraits taken, and I figured this time wouldn’t be any different. But…. the day went on, and we started to have a really good time. (I know I’m not the only one that had fun, because Tara emailed me that Josh admitted he had fun, too. Sorry, Josh, the secret’s out!) If I had to make a complaint about the day, I think everyone would agree with me on one thing- the wind! It was outrageous! We got through the day without blowing away, and in the end, I got some nice shots of Tara and Josh individually. (An engagement session first, which may become a new fun habit!)


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