Ft. Wayne, Indiana Engagement and Wedding Photographer {La Rae & Jeff’s love session}

How do you pick the best location for an engagement session when the studio is in Archbold, Ohio, the bride is in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and the groom is in Michigan?  Well, in this case, you go where the dog is waiting!  LaRae and Jeff’s new family is going through a lot of changes- a new home, new jobs, and of course, a new marriage.  While all of these transitions were happening,  their faithful companion lived with Jeff’s parents in Fort Wayne.  And that settled it!  So one Saturday morning, we all met up in Fort Wayne to document LaRae and Jeff’s engagement, only a short time before their wedding.

dog in engagement photo, fort wayne indiana

When your dog isn’t just a pet, but part of your family, you include your dog in your engagement photos! He fit right in and it was a lot of fun to do some pet photography for a change!


engagement photo, black and white

We drove to a special place in Ft. Wayne (the groom’s parents’ house!) to get some photos with their special Evergreen trees. Can you believe it was raining?! They’re still so content there. 🙂


engagement session with dog

Hey, puppy! They love their dog, probably about as much as they love each other!


The couple had a special request to create some images in front of a row of Evergreen trees at the groom’s house.  We decided to start there first, but since I wasn’t too familiar with Ft. Wayne, I paid special attention to my surroundings on the way there.  Thank goodness, because we ended up getting rained out of the Evergreens, and the park I spotted on the way ended up being the perfect location for this nature-loving couple!  It was a cute little hidden park, complete with a river, trails, a few wildflowers, and… a covered shelter house with raw wooden beams.  It was the perfect fit for a rainy day.

engagement photo in park

It rained during our engagement photo session and since it was only a few weeks out from their wedding, we found this cute shelter house at a park in Ft. Wayne. I loved all the exposed wood beams.. and that it kept us dry for a bit!


outdoor engagement photo in fort wayne indiana

While driving through Ft. Wayne, we went right past this cute hidden park, and thought it was the perfect location to take this outdoorsy couple!


But, let me go backward…  we did get a few engagement photos with the trees (yes, even during the rain) and then we came in the house for a little bit, because it looked like the rain was going to pass.  I saw the living room had glorious light streaming in, so we asked if we could turn a chair around, and we were able to create some of my favorite portraits, right there in their living room.  Maybe I’m biased, but I think these images are so soft, romantic and just simply beautiful.  It makes me happy that it rained. 😉

engagement photos in white clothes, romantic engagement pictures

We moved inside to capture these beautiful portraits. They aren’t your typical engagement pictures, but I think they are so romantic and loving!

engagement photo with engagement ring

I love this ring shot, because it captures so much more than just a beautiful engagement ring! (They’re so in love!)


If you are looking for an Engagement and Wedding Photographer, we would love to talk to you about creating a custom portrait session, just for you!  Call us at 419.231.1174!

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  • Katy Sergent

    These are so great Ashley! You can just see the love between the two of them (and their pup)! Beautiful!ReplyCancel

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  • Benjamin James

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    What a romantic session! BeautifulReplyCancel

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    love that the puppy was included!ReplyCancel

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    Love the black and white second from the top! So sweet!ReplyCancel

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    What a great idea to include the pup too! Gorgeous photos and you can totally see how in love they both are <3ReplyCancel

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    Beautiful, and that dog! so cute 🙂 love how natural and comfortable they are 🙂ReplyCancel

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    Wow! You’ve captured some great shots! I love how you also incorporated their story. Very nice!ReplyCancel

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