I was recently very blessed to be able to share the day with Jarrod and Jessica. I had booked them only a short time before their wedding, because they originally had another photographer. That photographer fell through, and that’s when things fell into place. I truly believe God’s blessing was poured down upon us that day. Watching Jarrod and Jessica, and constantly learning more about them, filled me with so much joy. I have to admit, there are stressful weddings… days where things don’t go as planned, etc. I know that every time I’m at one of those weddings, wondering why it is I love my job so much, I’m going to think about these guys. They will be there, in my mind, to balance out the bad with the good. They will be there as a reminder to me that true love does exist, that two people really can make each other better people, growing closer together and closer to God.

When I first showed up at the salon, Jessica was so excited. It caught on right away with anyone (and everyone) around her. I couldn’t help but wonder… would Jarrod be just as excited, or was he across town, biting his fingernails?? The girls finished up at the salon and finished getting dressed at the church. There was really beautiful lighting in the spacious room they had chosen, so I had a lot of fun shooting in there while Brian went and took photographs of the groom getting ready and the best man writing his speech! Once everyone was ready, we got started with formals. I finally got to see Jarrod and the other guys and I found out the answer to my question. I was quite surprised, actually…. I’ve never seen a happier groom! Really! He was actually jumping up and down, he could hardly hold still! The smile never left his face, and at that point, I knew the rest of the day was going to be just as perfect as the beginning had been!

Jessica and Jarrod, it was such a pleasure to work with you. Thank you for the wonderful time and congratulations! Jessica, I know you said the day went by in a blur and you are anxiously awaiting seeing all of the images, to remind you of your day. Here are a few that I hope will help bring back some special memories, along with some things you may not have seen.

You can really see the excitement!!


The lovely bride and groom…..


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