Basic Photo Class: OH, SNAP 101! {Northwest Ohio Photographers}

If you haven’t heard the exciting news, Ashley Short Photography and Rachel Sharpe Photography have teamed up to bring you a fun day of basic photography lessons.  This camera class is going to be unlike any other in the area.  With two professional photographers, experience with several different camera systems,  and lots of hands-on time, you are sure to walk out feeling comfortable with your camera and ready to start shooting!

We will start the class by covering some basics on how to better use your camera- we’ll do a little digging into some technical terms about the science behind photography to just give you a better, basic idea of how the camera works to create an image.  (We don’t want to bore you, but you should be able to walk away understanding how F/8, 1/125 and ISO 100 will affect your image.)  From there, we’ll be able to explain the different modes you can put your camera in to achieve what you want it to- accommodate fast-moving subjects (like your kids’ running across the playground), how to achieve the blurred background with one subject in focus (to get that pretty portrait), and so forth. We’ll also cover some basics on working with different lighting/angles and some practical advice on how to get better smiles out of your kids and capturing life as it happens (documentary photography 101). We will have hands-on time where we can help show you what your camera can do, so you can feel confident that your expensive camera is being used to it’s fullest.  We will also have plenty of Q&A time for any specific questions you may have.

Light refreshments will be served during our break, and you should have some time to chat with others and maybe even compare cameras and photos!   We ask that all students bring a notebook and pen, as well as all of your camera gear.  (For some that may be a DLSR and lenses, for others that may be an iPhone or a Canon Powershot.  Either way, please be sure that you have charged batteries, and empty memory cards, because we will be using our cameras!  Weather permitting, we may take a portion of the class outside for some shooting time.

The fee for this day class is $150, but if you register early, you’ll only pay $125!   To register, click here:  Hurry, the discount for early registration ends February 17th!

If you have any questions, Rachel and I would love to answer them for you!  Please give me a call at 419-231-1174 or email me at

In order to keep this class hands on, we are keeping seats very limited, so register TODAY!


Infographic for basic camera class in Northwest Ohio. Features time, date, price and other details as well as a photo of the photo instructors, Ashley Short and Rachel Sharpe.

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