Archbold Children’s Photographer {The photographer’s kids!}

Have you ever heard of a “P.K.?”   Where I grew up, several of my school friends would refer to themselves as a P.K.  (Pastor’s Kid.)   Think: Footloose.    Anyway, I was thinking about it the other day and I think the current generation will have a new definition for the term.  “Photographer’s Kid!”

Toledo Children

I was talking with a photographer-friend the other day about how our kids are used to getting their photos taken.  Her children often fall into their “pose”, standing beside each other, when they go places that they want to document or for special occasions.   They aren’t strangers to the camera, and they know what will make their momma (the photographer) happy!   Well, my kids are kind of the opposite.   This is what I consider “Photographer’s Kids.”   They get into the studio and they run in circles, they see what props they can attack, they hide behind backgrounds… you name it, they’ve probably done it!   I always get a good laugh when clients bring their children to the studio and apologize when their behavior isn’t perfect.  (If only they knew how normal they are!)  I try to reassure them that, really, it’s ok!  I’ve seen it all, from my own kids!   There’s just an exciting energy about the photography studio that makes it hard to sit and quietly listen.   Oh, and you know, that whole I’m-just-a-child thing.  (By the way, my kids aren’t horrible, they really do just get so excited to spend time in the studio, since that’s Momma’s work space.)

Toledo, ohio photographer, vintage camera and vintage hat make this girl

When it’s my children’s turn to get their formal portraits taken, I often end up frustrated.   (I know, a surgeon should never operate on her children, right?!)    So I bet you could understand how excited I get when my kids actually sit, look at the camera, and smile!   And mean it!!    If I actually like the image on top of that, I’m a pretty happy girl.   Although, I do wear my mommy goggles, so I’m pretty sure there aren’t any photos of my babies that I don’t think are beautiful!

Toledo children photographer.  Lace, bows, and pearls make up a little girl

Our last portrait session with my kids was very spur of the moment.   We just decided to play around a bit and we got some cute images.  After that, I read a study about how children’s self-worth goes up or down, depending on if their family portraits are hanging in their home.   I hate to admit that I fall into another “bad habit of good photographers”, not keeping updated portraits hanging as much as we should.   I decided that this particular session was perfect for their bedrooms and I let my kids-even at a toddler age- pick their own pictures for their rooms.   My heart about melted when each of them choose the photo of them kissing the other on the head!   So sweet!  The excitement that they had about hanging these new printed photos on their walls was so amazing, that I’ve decided to let them print new images whenever we have a shoot.   (Like a lot of families, we have a TON of pictures taken, but many never make it to a photo frame.)   Time to make a change!

Toledo kids photographer. Siblings being affectionate.

She loves her baby brother. He’s usually pretty sick of her hugs and kisses, but not that day!

Toledo family photographer, siblings showing some love!Toledo Children


If you don’t have up-to-date portraits of your family hanging in your home, consider that the investment is more than just a print.  You’re investing in your child!  


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  • What an adorable family photo session! I love the little ones outfits and those suspenders, just so adorable! Their smiles are so natural. Great job!ReplyCancel


      Thanks, Samantha! I’ve wanted those suspenders FOREVER, so I’m so glad he actually kept them on for a few minutes! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • These portraits are adorable! My business grew because my kids were tired of being my models and told me I needed to find other subjects! But there have been a few occasions where they came and asked me to take some portraits of them for something special. You will always treasure the child portraits you have of your kids, even if they are not perfect. And hopefully other Ohio families will follow your example and have those portraits taken!ReplyCancel


      I’ve definitely noticed that it goes in waves. Sometimes they don’t want anything to do with it and other times, they want to be photographers, too. I just roll with it!ReplyCancel

  • Have you heard of Photographer Kid Syndrome? It’s when your kids refused to be photographed anymore….. I’m worried my own kid will be that way someday but until then I love photographing my own child and yours are too cute! I hope your kids don’t get tired of being your models. Beautiful work!ReplyCancel


      Jenny, no I had no idea that Photographer Kid Syndrome was a real thing!! I don’t photograph them THAT often, so I think it’s ok… they’re just really hyper when I do! lol!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Rittenberry

    Aww! As a momma, I know I would love photos of my children like this and how sweet they were to each other in this session. I know it is hard being a photographer mom and trying to get them to cooperate for you; usually it’s a “talk to the hand” kind of gig for me! The vintage feel of this gallery really adds an extra personal touch. Northwest Ohio is lucky to have such a wonderful child photographer to come to!ReplyCancel

  • Your kids are SO cute!! And I can totally relate! I have a couple of “P.K.’s” myself 🙂 I love the vintage camera prop you used with their session, and the styling is spot on! Great job!ReplyCancel


      Thanks, Kathy! We’ve got tons of those vintage cameras around, so I thought it was appropriate to toss one in! These photos will hang in the room where all of my cameras are displayed! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • WOW! I love these photos and yes- so hilarious! I always end up getting frustrated when trying to do photos of my daughter, and it’s always better to let another professional take over! 😉ReplyCancel


      We usually hire another professional photographer, as well! We have no shortage of images though! lol!ReplyCancel

  • These photos are just way too cute! I love the vintage camera and overal look and feel of each photo. Archbold has a great photographer in their hands! Great work as usual!ReplyCancel

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