As a newborn photographer, I see a lot of babies throughout the Toledo and Wauseon area, and they allย make me swoon. ย But, when I see them right in my own backyard (literally, not just in Archbold, but literally in my backyard), I melt into pieces. ย Recently, my next door neighbor welcomed a baby girl into […]

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  • Ashley, you’re an amazing newborn photographer! And this sweet babe has so much hair!ReplyCancel

  • Oh my gosh, her hair! What beautiful newborn photos, Ashley! If only I lived in Toledo…ReplyCancel


      I wish you lived in the Toledo area! That would be pretty cool! ๐Ÿ™‚ReplyCancel

  • These newborn photos are magical! It sounds like you have such a fun neighborhood! I love this sweet girl’s hair!ReplyCancel


      We do have a nice group of neighbors here in Archbold. The kids play wonderfully and we are very lucky!ReplyCancel

  • What a beautiful baby girl! And that hair!! Swoon! Love the simplicity of her newborn session too. Your neighbor is very lucky to have you so close by!ReplyCancel


      Thanks! We love our Archbold neighbors. ๐Ÿ™‚ReplyCancel

  • What a cute little newborn baby girl! What’s in the Toledo water? Her hair is to die for. Love the colours you picked for her newborn session — dark and light.ReplyCancel


      Right?! There must be something in the Toledo water, because I’ve photographed babies with lots of hair a lot lately! (Which is not really common for me!) I’m loving it!ReplyCancel

I know a lot of pregnant moms in Northwest Ohio, as well as birth workers, doulas, etc. ย Most of us plan for a natural birth, hope for an uncomplicated delivery, and a quick labor. ย We keep our fingers crossed, hope for the best. ย But sometimes we do our best but the word saysย “Hey, I’ve got […]

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  • You did an incredible job capturing this c-section birth! These are so beautiful and moms expression is priceless. What incredible memories you have captured for this new family.ReplyCancel

  • These birth photos are beautiful! You captured the birth of their baby girl perfectly! So many sweet moments!ReplyCancel

  • How awesome! I love that you were allowed in the OR! I love the photograph of mom smiling at dad!
    Once in a lifetime photos!ReplyCancel


      Thank you! I think all birth photos are once in a lifetime… more precious to me than wedding photos.ReplyCancel

  • This is so special… I’m so glad they allowed you into the OR, I so wish there wasn’t even a question about letting this happen! I’m so glad you could be there for this!ReplyCancel


      I know! I hope that professional birth photographers can earn the trust needed, and eventually, photographing births in the OR is the norm!ReplyCancel

  • Birth truly IS beautiful. Your images capture the emotion and the miracle of it. What a wonder that a Caesarian birth can be photographed. Fabulous job, Ashley.ReplyCancel


      Thank you so much, Andrea. <3ReplyCancel

  • That’s so wonderful that this Toledo hospital allows you to photograph c-sections! My last two babies were cesarean and I only have a couple of crappy cellphone photos. I am thankful for those, but I would have loved to hire a professional birth photographer.ReplyCancel


      I understand, Allison. I had hired a professional birth photographer for both of my births, but they both ended in Cesareans and my birth photographers weren’t allowed in the operating rooms in the smaller hospitals.ReplyCancel

Milk Bath Photography, Herbal Bath Sessions, and Floral Baths are making a huge splash these days- cheesyย pun intended. ย  (Sorry, I’m still sleepy.) ย  These beautiful milky photo sessions always bring a ton of questions, so I thought I would share this gorgeous Floral Milk Bath session with you and share what I did. ย  […]

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  • What a gorgeous maternity milk bath session!
    I love all the photographs and think mum to be looks so beautiful and serene!ReplyCancel


      Thank you, Effie! I love milk bath portraits, too. So dreamy!ReplyCancel

  • These milk bath maternity photos are so beautiful! Love the tips you gave too – thank you!ReplyCancel


      My pleasure, Corey! Hopefully the tips for the milk bath photos help if you do the next time you try!ReplyCancel

  • What fabulous tips for rocking a maternity milk bath session! I’ve never ever tried a milk bath session before because I don’t have the ideal location for it, but I might try to track down a blow up swimming pool. That is pretty genius!ReplyCancel


      Haha, thanks Allison! I can’t take the credit for using the swimming pool, but I do think it’s a great idea. I’d love to see some of your milk bath portraits if you give it a shot!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Mason

    These are beautiful! I love her dress and the colors and edits!!ReplyCancel

  • Wow, these are stunning! This answered so many questions I’ve had about these milk bath sessions! I don’t generally take maternity clients, so this is totally foreign to me. Thanks for sharing!!ReplyCancel


      Thanks, Kayla! I’m glad it helped. I seem to see a lot of the same questions over and again. ๐Ÿ™‚ReplyCancel

  • Vanessa Mendez


    I am speechless.

    These images are so beautiful and amazing. Thank you for sharing these!!!ReplyCancel


      Aw, thank you so much, Vanessa! My pleasure!ReplyCancel

  • silke

    Great photos! I love the style and lighting!

    How do you empty and clean the pool in the studio? ?ReplyCancel


      Thank you! Cleaning it isn’t tricky, it’s the emptying it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We used a hose to fill it, which was connected to a sink, thus providing warm water. When we were ready to empty it, we simply used the hose to syphon it out. A simple pool pump would be a simple choice as well.ReplyCancel

At the end of your third trimester of pregnancy, you don’t have a lot of time to reschedule if the weather happens to ruin your maternity portrait session. ย Luckily, Northwest Ohio was nice to us, as this momma wanted outdoor portraits as well as fine art nude images, in the studio…. and she was around […]

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How do you pick the best location for an engagement session when the studio is in Archbold, Ohio, the bride is in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and the groom is in Michigan? ย Well, in this case, you go where the dog is waiting! ย LaRae and Jeff’s new family is going through a lot of changes- a […]

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  • Katy Sergent

    These are so great Ashley! You can just see the love between the two of them (and their pup)! Beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Benjamin James

    So precious!ReplyCancel

  • Benjamin James

    Oh my heart…these pics are gorgeous!ReplyCancel


      Thanks, Benjamin James!ReplyCancel

  • Samantha Gieseke

    What a romantic session! BeautifulReplyCancel

  • Kimberly Kimbrough Mills

    love that the puppy was included!ReplyCancel

  • Kelly Lemon Vizcaino

    Love the black and white second from the top! So sweet!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Barrett Strelecky

    so sweet! Thanks for sharking the story of their engagement session!ReplyCancel

  • Chloe Rose

    What a great idea to include the pup too! Gorgeous photos and you can totally see how in love they both are <3ReplyCancel

  • Ella Sophie Photo

    Beautiful, and that dog! so cute ๐Ÿ™‚ love how natural and comfortable they are ๐Ÿ™‚ReplyCancel

  • The Starry Eyed Blonde

    Wow! You’ve captured some great shots! I love how you also incorporated their story. Very nice!ReplyCancel

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